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Grata is the job search engine for recruiters
Put your lead gen on auto pilot

Automate your job searches. Build a never ending pipeline of warm leads. Spend more time placing candidates, less time in job boards.

Built for prospecting, not job seeking

Search job titles and descriptions, separately. Exclude staffing agencies. Narrow by company size, location, funding, and growth.

Warm leads, fresh data

Your best leads are the ones hiring. Job boards show you stale data. Grata shows you the companies actively hiring.

Get alerts, in real time

Be the first to every opportunity. Get notifications delivered straight to your inbox and tasks pushed to your CRM. Follow your clients when they post new positions.

Your one-stop-shop for job postings

Stop wasting time on multiple job boards. No more duplicates or re-posts. Streamline your efforts.

Reach decision makers at the right time

Find contact info of hiring managers. Get verified personal and professional email addresses.

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