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Grata is a modern search engine for proprietary deal sourcing and market mapping
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Find middle market deals

Identify deals that meet your unique investment criteria, beyond company size and industry. Proactively source the most promising, overlooked companies.

Map markets with confidence

Break free of database fields: define markets on your own terms. Better capture your investable universe and pursue the markets with the most targets.

Build targeted pipeline

Find the middle market companies your competitors miss. Uncover hard to find companies that haven’t raised capital or made the news. Search beyond short descriptions and industry codes.

Go deeper on private companies

Search for the hidden signals that change valuations. Find companies with subscription revenue, value-add services, high capital costs, and more. Gain new insight on private companies.

Meet the right companies

Find the right companies at conferences, trade shows, and events. Make the most of your time on the road.

Launch personalized BD campaigns

Add companies to your CRM and increase deal flow. Engage companies on a more personal level, so you spend less time drafting emails and more time closing deals.

Create custom decks in seconds

Share your strategy with partners and deal teams. Automate market maps. Put the days of pixel pushing and logo cropping behind you.

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