Private company search

Grata’s search engine helps you target middle market companies
A better way to find private companies

The best campaigns start with the right companies. Grata’s search engine gives you what databases and Google lack. Search full company websites for strategic fit. Uncover missed opportunities.

Web text search

Company descriptions don’t give you the full picture. Find companies based on what they do, how they’re positioned, and the markets they target.

Targeted search

Company websites can be broad. Targeted search splits what a company does from what a company talks about, so you cut through the noise.

Similar company search

Find companies that look like your best prospects. Input multiple companies and boost specific keywords, yielding results you can actually use.

List targeting

Find the right companies at conferences, trade shows, and events. Make the most of your time on the road.

Automated decks

Grata helps you turn search into strategy. Build instant market maps and decks. Share your findings with leadership. Put the days of logo cropping behind you.

Company scoring

Prioritize the companies with the most important keywords. Boost the right results and build the scoring models that fit your strategy.

Market analysis

Get a birdseye view of your search. Instantly profile markets, by sub-segment, size, geography, and business model. Find new pockets of opportunity.

Grata is used by the leading investors and B2B sales and marketing teams. Find new middle market opportunities. See what others miss.
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